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Removing Barriers and Creating Opportunities For People With Disabilities. 

The world may think that you're not good enough. Remember! Your're not disabled but differently-abled. D.D. West Company nurtures your loved ones and sets them up for the success to live everyday lives like you and me. Join hands with us as we provide top-tier leadership who are committed, team oriented and always willing to learn. 




It is our core belief that a person’s disability can get out of any extremity with power, courage, and motivation and become a source of inspiration for many others around. With love, care, and passion, D.D. West Company was founded on October 1st, 2021, to honor the training and guidance bestowed upon us by Marvin West of Open Hands Of Caring Penn Foundation.

Through our innovative learning, hands-on approach, and great mentorships for disabled people, we birthed an agency of excellence. It is now our sole motivation to turn the tables for those needing help. Our team believes that no challenge is too big that we can’t face, and no outcome is too small that we will not accomplish.

At D.D. West Company, our mission is to provide you with the best care. And to do that, we offer round-the-clock training, which includes trauma-informed care, positive behavior support, ISP training, dietary training, leadership training, and constant year-round training for our leadership team and staff, giving them as much knowledge as we can to be the best that they can be. When we hire, we look for people with morals, ethics, values, and respect. We will help our staff grow and branch out on their own one day.

Employees of The Month!
evony calhoun clarence house.jpg

Ebony Calhoun

Clarence House

laquirita adams simich house.jpg

Laquirita Adams

Simich House


In-House Services

Providing the best love and care with our in-house services.


Qualified Staff

Facilitating trained staff for incomparable nurturing.


Educating family and guardians via training sessions.

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